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  • honey badger espresso coffee shots with extracted honey
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1.5L Honey Badger Espresso Coffee

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Indulge in the unique flavours of Australia's finest honey and rich Colombian single-origin coffee!

Get ready to experience a coffee like no other with our 1.5L Honey Badger Espresso Coffee. This unique blend combines the richness of Colombian single-origin coffee with the exquisite flavour of premium natural Australian honey, co-extracted using The TCB Process® extraction method.

With up to 60 shots of our Honey Badger Espresso Coffee waiting to be poured from this convenient box, your coffee journey is about to reach new heights.

The Honey Badger is the perfect complement to our existing Classic Colombian Coffee, offering a whole new dimension to your coffee-drinking options. For those who appreciate the distinct character of barista-style coffee, the Honey Badger brings a delightful twist to your favourite brews.

With this remarkable coffee concentrate, preparing your favourite coffee creations is a breeze. Simply pour a shot (approx. 25ml) of the rich, flavourful liquid and let your imagination take the reins. The possibilities are endless! Whether you prefer it poured over ice for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up, mixed with hot water to indulge in a comforting and aromatic beverage, or combined with hot water and your choice of milk for a creamy and velvety latte or cappuccino, the Honey Badger Espresso Coffee can do it all. Looking to elevate your cocktail game? This honey coffee concentrate adds an irresistible twist to an espresso martini, delivering a rich and profiled taste that will impress any cocktail enthusiast. Enjoy a unique double or single espresso shot whenever you desire a quick and energizing caffeine boost. Craving a cold brew or iced coffee? Look no further—simply mix our coffee concentrate with cold water and enjoy the bold and smooth flavours. For a special treat, indulge in a Honey Badger Affogato, where the creamy goodness of the honey coffee meets a scoop of your favourite ice cream. And for those seeking a plant-based option, our coffee concentrate is perfect for creating a cold brew experience with your choice of plant-based milk. Adjust the concentration according to your liking and let your taste buds guide you to your perfect cup of coffee. 

For more inspiration, head over to our blog and discover a wealth of coffee recipes that will awaken your taste buds and ignite your passion for coffee craftsmanship.

What sets the Honey Badger apart is its convenient and versatile nature. Ready to be mixed with ease, our coffee concentrate contains no additives or preservatives. Once opened, you can enjoy its exceptional flavours for up to 8 weeks (and even longer if stored in the fridge). We've made sure that every drop of Honey Badger Espresso Coffee delivers a truly authentic and unrivalled coffee experience.

Order now and embark on a coffee adventure that will leave you craving more.