Our Story

the honey badger espresso coffee on your work place

How about a little history?

Make a coffee while we share our story with you, about how we came to deliver our single origin Premium Espresso Coffee directly to your home!

Born and Brewed in the Coffee Capital: Melbourne!

You Be the Barista was born in 2020, our story doesn’t exactly start in 2020, you’ll see why below. 

You be the Barista by The Coffee Brewmasters began developing a range of consumer pack Premium Coffee Extracts, ready to be mixed, designed to fit your morning routine, to refocus your afternoon, or to spice up your cocktails. 

Utilising an innovative all natural process - The TCB Process® that delivers a true to bean espresso coffee in liquid form - stable at ambient temperatures - we wanted to share a new world in coffee... You Be The Barista brings the Cafe into your own environment, home, office or travel options.You make the choices, it’s your coffee solution, YOU be the barista! Our mission in coffee is to provide a convenient, healthy, high-quality coffee with clean and ethically sourced ingredients for you, by you.

You Be the Barista is made in Melbourne from single-origin coffee beans. You Be the Barista is a pure, ready and convenient specialty coffee solution.

you be the barista espresso coffee range

Who are we? ... The Coffee Brewmasters

This is where our story really starts. You Be the Barista is the baby of The Coffee Brewmasters.

The Coffee Brewmasters journey started in 2006 when the TCB Process® technology was first initiated and developed. The TCB Process® is a unique natural coffee extraction process that uses beans and water only.

Over the years, The Coffee Brewmasters has developed a large range of coffee solutions and extract opportunities for customers in the beverage business based on the innovative TCB process Technology.

In 2020, The Coffee Brewmasters, Melbourne, launched our Premium and Convenient Espresso style Coffee in consumer format - making the espresso style liquid extract of premium single origin colombian coffee  accessible to everyone! Using the Innovative TCB Process to develop a shelf-stable and Premium coffee extract in a 1.5L box: The Classic Colombian Barista Style Espresso Coffee. In the same year, thanks to the success of this coffee concentrate, TCB  developed The Honey Badger™ and The Melbourne Mocha, roasted pure Colombian beans co-extracted with honey and cocoa using The TCB Process®, something unique, something entirely new!

Know more about The TCB Process®

We, at The Coffee Brewmasters, are proud of this innovative extraction process, offering us more opportunities every day! 

Check out more about The TCB Process® here.

Transparency and Sustainability, two words to define us! 

We are dedicated to a world where we offer you our carefully crafted, natural tasting, convenient espresso coffee concentrate in the most sustainable way. Our team encompasses sustainability in our lives at work and beyond. We work with service and supply organisations to ensure our footprint is as clean and sustainable as possible. We are always looking for new opportunities to improve and grow our ethos. The Coffee Brewmasters has several projects currently active in the reuse of coffee grounds from building products, food inclusion and agriculture use.

coffee with flowers

...and the name? 

It is very simple.. We want YOU to be your own Barista. 

We want YOU to be a superstar barista without the difficulty and cost of it! 

You can be an at-home barista, a barista on your camping trip, a barista at the office, the barman at home mixing espresso martinis, anywhere and everywhere you wish.

The You Be the Barista Coffee Extract range has been developed so you can conveniently make your favourite coffee to your personal style.

You Be the Barista - The story behind the name