Learn how to make a Honey Cappuccino: A sweet spin on a classic drink

Learn how to make a Honey Cappuccino: A sweet spin on a classic drink

From the world of coffee, now a new twist to our signature cappuccino. Barista Daz, in a recent demonstration, unravelled a delightful recipe featuring the Honey Badger Espresso Coffee Concentrate by You Be The Barista. This coffee concentrate isn't just any regular coffee, but a harmonious co-extraction of natural Australian honey and single-origin Colombian coffee concentrate. The result? A symphony of flavours that leave a lasting impression.

Learn how to make a honey cappuccino with Barista Daz:


  • Honey Badger Espresso Coffee Concentrate - 25 ml (a single shot)
  • Fresh milk – as required for one cup of cappuccino
  • Cacao powder (optional) – for that extra layer of taste and garnish
  • Optional toppings: cinnamon, whipped cream or chocolate shavings


  • Prep the Coffee: Begin by pouring a single shot (25ml) of the Honey Badger Espresso Coffee Concentrate into your coffee mug. 
  • Froth the milk: Take the milk in a jug and use a frother to get that rich, creamy foam that is the essence of any good cappuccino. Ensure the foam is thick and consistent.
  • Combine: Gently pour some of the non-frothed milk first then the frothed milk into your coffee mug, allowing the foam to rest on the coffee concentrate.
  • Finishing touches: For a burst of flavour, sprinkle a hint of cacao powder over the milk.
  • If you're adept at it, showcase some of your latte art skills here. But remember, it's optional! The taste will remain supreme, with or without the art.
  • Enjoy! Sip and let the layered tastes take over - from the rich nuttiness to the subtle hints of honey at the end.

When you take the first sip, you'll notice the rich and nutty complexity of the single-origin Colombian coffee. This isn't just about the caffeine kick; it's a journey through the lush coffee plantations of Colombia. As the coffee flavour settles, the milk's creaminess complements it, making every sip smoother.

However, the pièce de résistance of this cappuccino is undoubtedly the unique flavour imparted by the Honey Badger Espresso Coffee Concentrate. The distinctive sweetness derived from the natural Australian honey marries beautifully with the coffee. As you dig deeper into your cup, the taste finishes with a subtle honey note, leaving a pleasant, sweet aftertaste that lingers.

In a world full of coffee innovations, the Honey Badger Cappuccino stands out not just for its unique flavour combination, but also for the convenience of the concentrate format. With up to 8 coffee shots in a bottle, the concentrate promises consistent flavour and quality, making every morning a sweet rendezvous.

Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or someone looking to elevate your morning ritual, this cappuccino promises a taste experience that's hard to forget.

Cheers to Barista Daz for sharing this gem with us, and here's to many more mornings with the Honey Cappuccino made with Honey Badger Espresso Coffee Concentrate by You be The Barista!

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